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Up the Creek was formed by Alan Margetson (ex dusty earth band) and Tich (ex constitution hillbillies) after a chance meeting on Oxford Street Swansea during this conversation they decided to put together a Bluegrass band.............. What the hell went wrong? They did a few gigs withcompulsory percussionist Huw Rees (he’s in every band in the area!)

and not  long after they were joined by Ian ‘The Rev’ James on Bass (a local legend on the acoustic scene in Swansea) and Marc ‘sorry I’m late’ Elton on fiddle (also ex constitution hillbillies) and the music started to take a very different direction 

The music is fun, up tempo and is a mix of Bluegrass standards mixed with popular songs from the 60’s, 70’s 80’s and worth watching if only for the bizarre face pulling that is exhibited.

Bluegrass  Swansea Style! Yee Haa!



Ian Thomas 1 Vocal mic 1 DI Box

Alan margetson 1Vocal mic 1 DI box

Marc Elton 1 Vocal mic 1 Di box

Ian James 1 DI box

Huw Rees 1 Mic 



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